Seasalt cafe

A twist on traditional maid cafes in an establishment inspired by the sea. Spend time with one of our lovely hosts or simply come to relax, dine and listen to our live music.
Zodiark, Lavender Beds, Ward 18, plot 48


  • Please keep /yell chat clear for staff members.

  • If you intend to rp, let us know with the RP tag.

  • Do not spam /say chat with all caps.

  • Please show respect to our hosts as well as other patrons.

  • NSFW activity with hosts is prohibited.

  • Please do not use the stage if you are not a performer.

  • No fighting or use of abilities inside the cafe.

  • Please leave your weapons at the door, drawing your weapon is prohibited.

  • Please despawn minions to help prevent lag.

A guide to spending time with our hosts

  1. To request time with a host, you must first order their speciality drink off the menu from our bartender. The bartender will then notify the host accordingly. (Please do not be in a party as our host will party with you to give you the full experience.)

  2. The host you chose will then accompany you at the cafe whether you choose to sit at a table or stand and take in the sights with them.

  3. If wanting a hosts attention as a group, please have only one person order a speciality drink, the host will join you at your table.

  4. Please take note of the symbol near your chosen hosts name before you order, if the icon is set to busy, they are currently with another patron and you may order once their icon is not set to busy anymore.

  5. Hosts have a lot of people to talk to and will only stay with you for the duration of your drink, as such, try not to keep hosts for too long, no matter how tempting. They have the right to excuse themselves.

  6. Gil tips to host are permitted if you so desire.

  7. Not here for hosts? Order something off the regular menu to enjoy the cafe!

A big thank you to

  1. Monogatari Leonie

  2. Ophelia Au'rel

  3. Forte Soleil

  4. Zleepo Beepo

  5. Vanessa Ra'lanne

  6. Lillium Hollowsong

  7. Paragon Emet Selch

  8. Brunswick Dren

  9. Kala Bi’ugin

  10. Praedyth Cigil

For funds, furniture and support to make my dream of a cafe come true.
~ Phish Sticks

Seasalt’s staff is made up of 7 hosts and 2 bartenders. Click the link above to learn about our staff!